Background Information

Game Pirate is a privately funded organisation with no proffit targets. This game portal is a voluntairy effort to bring free online game services to a wide public. The portal makes advertisement revenue from a wide range of adventisements, however it has not been enough to cover the entire development and sponsorship costs by far. This makes a non-commercial venture, respecting quality, driven by ideals.

The idea was simple - to create a next generation entertainment portal by harnessing the power of free online flash games. A platform that grew very populair with both developers and the audience due its easy programming language and easy usage inside all popular web browsers.

In Game Pirate's humble opinion, flash is the ideal way to create fast online games and any type of presentation where the user sits back and enjoys the game with a wide range of interactive options. Flash is also a good platform to provide informative movies that enabled the user to decide how to view something like a product, service or game.

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About Us

Mostly operating on the underground, gamepirate started back in 2001 offering downloadable pc games, 2 years later entering the flash scene as a pioneer in flash games. In time we have improved our games and layout several times, in search for a more mainstream approach, while keeping the original underground vibe alive. The economic situation in 2010 and toe growing popularity of free online flash games inspired to do something for general player, by offering better games for zero costs (yes, for free!) Early 2010 started to develop and obtain games under its own brand. Hopefully this new approach will spread the word more about our portal, so we can serve more players, making more people happy with the best free online games.

Game Pirate, Inc., registrated in 2001, publishes more than 2000+ proprietary flash games in electronic form, specialty underground games and educational games for the entire family. The company is a licensee of PIRATE GAMES NETWORK and has created the portal with useablity in mind.

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Game Support

By funding game development hopes to support mainstream and indie developers, supporting new game ideas, and new concepts in social and casual gaming. Game Pirate is also small sponsor of many individual game projects.


By moving away from downloadable pc games to flash games, gamepirate strifes to become a more mainstream portal offering easy accessable games for a wider public. This game gamepirate hopes offer hi-quality free online games, no matter the budget!

Game pirate develops, sponsors and host Games For Website. This website is almost updated every day with the latest flash games. registrated 2001 - All games are copyrighted or trademarked by their respective owners or authors.
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