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We ( only post content on our portal thats either free-to-use, with permission from your partners and affiliates, or belonging to the public domain. Might, despite our precautions, any content on our portal infringe on a copyright, please contact us and we will take care of the issue within 24 hours. Please provide all the below details to speed up our investigations. Game Pirate has the right to keep hosting, or re-posting the content might the claim have insufficient prove.

Copyright definitions
PD - stands for public domain.
FoP - stands for freedom of panorama.
No treaty - indicates that the U.S. does not have a copyright treaty with this country, so works created by residents of this country are not protected by copyright in the U.S.

This document is the sole statement of the Site's Copyright Policy and no summary, restatement or other version thereof, or other Copyright statement or policy, in any form, including, without limitation, machine-generated, is valid.


1 ) Precautions
To minimize the risk that Game infringe on a copyright of the games, we have taken a number of precautions. We hope to give full insight in our workflow by publishing our copyright policy. That way all of our users, and everyone intrested, can keep up to date with our latest developments.

2 ) Copyright permission
Before placing our content ( for example games and movies ) we have asked for exclusive permission to all attached thirs-parties of the content.

3 ) Credentials
Game will always make sure that credit is given where due by displaying the developer information, including a contact information. Ofcourse with great respect for the privacy of the developers.

4 ) Source Code
Game will strickly guarantee to make no modifications to any source code of our hosted content. Mentions of for example creditholders, names, or referrals to websites stay unmodified.

5 ) Public Domain
The public domain is an intellectual property designation for the range of content that is not owned or controlled by anyone. These materials are "public property", and available for anyone to use freely for any purpose. The public domain can be defined in contrast to several forms of intellectual property; the public domain in contrast to copyrighted works is different from the public domain in contrast to trademarks or patented works. Furthermore, the laws of various countries define the scope of the public domain differently, making it necessary to specify which jurisdiction's public domain is being discussed.

A considerable ammount of content may be placed without any requirements is believes to be free-to-use or public domain. After a carefull screening procedure their might no copyright information been found. In this case Game will handle the content within the public domain.

6 ) Affiliates
The majority of our content is sources by games from our friended and affiliated networks. By publishing this content on our portal we are actually providing free promotional services to our partners. All content has been guaranteed to be 'free-to-use'.

7 ) Linking
Its prohibited to link or download any content from Game without contacting us first. Certain material might be under special terms by us, or additonal terms between us and the source of the content. Please always contact our team first before doing such an action.

Please contact our team in case Game has published content without the required license. We will take care of all copyright issues within 24 hours.

If you suspect someone else is abusing Game intellectual properties, please contact us.

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